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We are registered breeders specialising in ruby cavoodles and spoodles.

Our Mission:

- To Grow Love -

We devote our time to ensuring that our dogs and puppies are nurtured, honoured and well cared for. Our cavoodles are some of the best in Australia and we pride ourselves on our ability to raise vibrant, beautiful, happy puppies.


We focus on refining our art while ensuring that all receive the care and attention necessary to stay vibrant and well throughout their lives. We do this by carefully getting to know each puppy's personality and matching them with the most appropriate demographic; aligning our puppies with owners that will not only connect and love them but are also suited to them.

We also genetically test the parents of our puppies to ensure that we are maintaining high health standards and new owners are provided with a health guarantee when they receive a puppy from us. 

We offer delivery to many parts of the South Coast and Sydney. Contact us via email to find out more.